Syd Sennett

Born in Vermont, and bouncing between Massachusetts and New Hampshire, Syd Sennett is a new member to North Shore Pride and is currently a psychology student at Salem State University. In less than a year, Syd has gone from a casual youth visitor to nAGLY to a peer leader who helps facilitate a weekly support group for transgender youth.

After participating in an online panel presented by North Shore Pride, he hoped that he could continue uplifting youth voices by joining the Board of North Shore Pride. As a photographer with experience in running promotional social medias for organizations, he hopes to also be a valuable asset in spreading the word about all of the events and goals of this fantastic organization. He is passionate about education, art, social justice, climate change awareness, and mental health advocacy. His other volunteer work includes working with his school’s chapter of the Sunrise Movement and assisting at Lucky Dog Thrift Store in NH. Syd is passionate about community, and aspires to be a figure in his own community that people know will stand up for their best interest, especially for disenfranchised youth that have felt silenced by a lack of representation in positions of power.”