JC Morales


Juan Carlos Morales is the creative director and founder of Fabrika Studio, a multi-disciplinary branding and creative studio located in Beverly, MA. Working with a diverse client roster featuring organizations both large and small, he brings over twenty years of marketing and creative industry experience to North Shore Pride. His background includes creative leadership positions at consumer electronics companies, ad agencies, and technology firms across a variety of disciplines.

Copywriter, graphic designer, and creative strategist by day, Juan Carlos is a family man and creative philanthropist by night. Hoping his efforts at North Shore Pride have a positive and lasting impact on the community, his daily goal is to simply be a positive role model for his children. As a Latino, father, and husband, he knows that neither is easy to do, but that the work is worth doing. According to Juan Carlos, we all have the right to live happy healthy lives—both freely and without judgement—regardless of the lifestyle we choose OR the places we’re from. Rich or poor, JC will tell you that we all have something to bring to the table and that organizations focusing on building a better and stronger community, well, they deserve our help and support.