North Shore Pride Festival Vendors

Thank you for making North Shore Pride 2017 a success with record attendance and SOLD OUT vendor participants! We couldn’t do it without you. Check out some of these great pics!

No new registrations are being accepted at this time.
See you in 2018!

North Shore Pride Festival | Salem, MA

Register your business or organization to be a vendor at the Festival! If you have questions, contact us at [email protected]Download a form to apply by mail and pay by check.


Conditions of the Event

  • 1. Set Up Time: All vendors and their merchandise must be set up by 11:00 a.m. on June 24, 2017. No vendor is allowed to set up the evening prior to the event. The Salem Common will be open at 9:00 a.m. for vendor set up.2. Entries: The festival is open to all nonprofit organizations, businesses, crafters, artists, and food vendors who have the approval of North Shore Pride, Inc.3. Advertising: The North Shore Pride, Inc. Parade and Festival is extensively advertised on the Internet, Twitter and Facebook as well as local news media, posters and program ad books4. Fees: The fee for one Small booth space is $100. The fee for one Medium booth space is $125. The fee for a Large space is $150. The fee for an Extra Large space is $175.5. Tenting: North Shore Pride, Inc. does not provide tents for vendors. If a vendor wishes to have a tent, you must supply your own tent. Any tent that is larger than 10 feet X 10 feet is required by the City of Salem Fire Department to have a Fire Retardant Certification. Please contact the City of Salem Fire Department if your tent is larger than 10 feet X 10 feet and you do not have a current Fire Retardant Certificate for the tent(s). The City of Salem Fire Department will be inspecting the Festival tenting for appropriate Fire Retardant Certification for any tent over the 10 feet X 10 feet size. You may not utilize spikes or implant any such devices into the ground on the Salem Common. As such, please come prepared with weights to secure your tenting. North Shore Pride, Inc. will not provide vendors with any weights, ropes or equipment to secure your tenting.6. Electricity: Electricity may be available on a limited basis to Food Vendors only.7. Tables, Chairs and Stock: North Shore Pride, Inc. will supply the tables and chairs for each vendor space. Chairs will be distributed in accordance with your table size (2 chairs per table). You must supply your own clean cover that covers the table. All stock boxes must be kept out of sight until the end of the event, unless you are restocking. If a customer should be injured by any vendor’s equipment, merchandise or supplies during the set up, Festival, or break down of the Festival, the vendor is liable for any injuries. Each vendor will need to set up their own tents, merchandise and equipment.8. Parking: Off loading of cars, vans, trucks etc. will be allowed providing you travel only on the vehicle paths. A parking attendant will be at the gate to direct you to your vending area. All vendors must respect the No Vehicle areas on the Salem Common that do not permit vehicle travel due to water irrigation systems. Once unloaded, you must move your vehicle immediately to a parking area. No vendor vehicles are allowed to remain on the Salem Common during the Festival. Your acceptance letter will indicate available parking areas. Important: No parking in fire lanes is permitted. In addition to Vendor Parking the city of Salem also provides many public parking areas. Please go to for a map of public parking areas.9. Payment: If paying by check, make checks payable to North Shore Pride, inc. You are required to send full payment, based on your selected booth space size. No spaces may be re-rented or given to another vendor. Checks must accompany the application to North Shore Pride, Inc. PO Box #355, Manchester, MA 01944. Payment may also be made via PayPal within the Vendor Online Registration at participate/vendors.10. Refunds: An application is a commitment to the event. No refunds will be given after the acceptance notice is sent. If for some reason the event is not held, refunds will be made, otherwise there will be no refunds once accepted into the event. In the event of a need for cancellation of the event, a notice of cancellation will be posted on and on Twitter and Facebook. The event will not be cancelled in the event of rain.11. RETURNED CHECKS: THE FEE TO THE REGISTERED VENDOR EACH TIME A CHECK IS RETURNED BY YOUR BANK IS $35.00. FULL RESTORATION PAYMENT TO NORTH SHORE PRIDE, INC. WILL BE MADE IN CASH OR VIA CREDIT CARD WITHIN 1 WEEK OF NOTIFICATION OF INSUFFICIENT FUNDS. THE VENDOR WITH INSUFFICIENT FUNDS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO THE NORTH SHORE PRIDE FESTIVAL 2017 UNTIL FULL PAYMENT OF INSUFFICIENT FUNDS IS MADE.12. Applications: A blank Application and Agreement may be copied if you need more of these forms. Fill in ALL information and return with payment. Both the Application and the signed Agreement form along with payment must be received in order to confirm your registration for the Festival.
    13. Notification: Notification of acceptance to the event will be sent as soon as the a decision is made, but no later than one week from the date of receipt of your application. Rain date: There will be no rain date. The event will occur even in the event of rain.14. Acceptance: Once accepted, all fees are non-refundable. Upon acceptance you will receive a confirmation with check-in instructions and directions. If for any reason you cannot make the event, please advise the Committee via email at .15. Food: If you are a food vendor participating in the North Shore Pride Festival you are required to complete the Application for Temporary Food Service Permit found at and submit it with this application. No extreme handling or open cooking of food is allowed. All food must be pre-cooked. No dietary supplements are allowed. No more than 50 pounds of propane per vendor is allowed. Propane permits may be obtained at the Fire Prevention office on Derby Street, Salem, MA. prior to the event. Each food vendor must have a hand washing station and trash storage system in place at their vendor site. Board of Health inspections will occur during vendor set up time the morning of June 24, 2017.16. Festival Event Times: The North Shore Pride Festival on the Salem common is open to the public from 11:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on June 24, 2017. Vendor set is between 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on the Salem Common. All vendors are expected to remain until the end of the festival and break down and clean up no earlier than 4:00 p.m. when the festival closes. Vendors are not allowed to leave their wares or equipment at the common beyond 5:00 p.m. Vendors are responsible to clean their booth area and remove all trash and equipment.
    Parade Event Times: The North Shore Pride parade will start at 12 noon on June 24, 2017 and will end at the Salem Common at 1:00 p.m.
    17. Street vendors are not allowed to participate in North Shore Pride Parade and Festival on June 24, 2017. For additional information or questions please feel free to contact us at: Release andAcceptance of Rules: This application and agreement covers the 2017 North Shore Pride Parade and Festival. I/We the applicants have read the conditions of the event attached to this application and agree to abide by the conditions. I/we agree to assume full responsibility for my property. In addition, I/we do expressly release North Shore Pride, Inc. from any and all liability for any damage, injury, or loss of any person, business or property which may arise from the occupation of the booth space by the applicant(s), and agree to hold and save the North Shore Pride, Inc. harmless of any damage, injury or loss by reason thereof. I/we understand that if this application is not accepted, all fees will be returned by mail. If this application is accepted, I/we give permission to use my name, business name, photo descriptions, item prices, photos or images taken of me or my items for any and all purposes. I agree to all of the Conditions of the Event. Once accepted, I understand all fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.